Charity of the Month

Our Charity of the Month receives 10% of sales for that month!

April's Charity



 About Our Charity of the Month:

Michele's Rescue is located in Grand Rapids, MI and has been rescuing dogs and cats since 1997. She estimates that she is able to help 400 animals per year! A little bit from Michele.....

I am long time lover of animals.. I am their voice so I found others to help me be their voice. We spay, neuter, microchip, vaccinate, parasite control, rabies, heartworm test and feline leukemia test. My deep compasion for animals drives me to help all I come in contact with. Again, we are their voice. We volunteer at the Rescue Dog Food Bank in Detroit which involves dispersing orders of low cost foods to shelters and rescues for pick up 6 times a year. This is very rewarding and allows us to not only volunteer but to get to know other animal welfare agencies. We are Petsmart Charities Partners and do several adoption events amonth as well as Bissell partners which hold "Empty the Shelters" event. We sponsor Race car number 20 for Austin Hull Hullster Motorsports.. this helps us with advertising! Also sponsored by Meijer, Yesterdog, ChowHound, a Hounds Haven just to name few. We are in dire need of funds for medical bill for animals which includes heartworm treatment, broken bones and illnesses just to name a few. 

You can visit their website here